Renewable Energy Videos
The ISEA is in the process of finding videos to educate you about renewable energy. We're looking for videos about solar electric (photovoltaic/PV), solar domestic hot water (solar thermal), solar space heating, and small wind that demonstrate:
        •  different types of  home installations
        •  different types of small business installations
        •  types of commercial installations
        •  comparisons of types of modules, inverters, turbines, tracking vs. non-tracking
        •  battery based renewable energy systems
        •  safety information

Please recommend a video to be posted here, by emailing the link to All videos must be informational and not promote any brand or company.
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Jim & Kath Camasto, long time ISEA members and tour hosts, love sunny days because when the sun shines their solar array generates electricity and their thermal collectors heat their water and home.
Channel 5 interviewed ISEA members and solar tour hosts, Bruce and Aileen Eilert, who have a 1.8 kW turbine and 2.4 kW solar array and at their Lisle residence.
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