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The Illinois Solar Tour takes place every year due to the generous contribution of home and business owners with renewable energy installations. Solar Tour Hosts invite the public to visit their sites so they can share their passion, knowledge and experience.  

Many Thanks!
Thank you to everyone who completed the Host Site Application for 2016. We are excited to welcome many new sites and several returning. Each year I am amazed by how many homeowners and business owners eagerly participate in this annual event to share their story and enthusiasm for renewable energy with tour attendees. So, be sure to register to attend and meet some great people who live right in your own community and see solar, wind and geothermal in action!

Being a Solar Tour Host Site:
The Solar Tour functions like an OPEN HOUSE, so attendees will be coming and going, rather than arriving in groups. Be prepared for inclement weather and variability in the number of attendees. Host Sites can expect to receive a handful of visitors or 100 depending on many factors, weather being a main one.

We ask that Host Sites:
Post tour signage in a visible location for people to see.

Have a registration/information table set up. You will be emailed a registration form and should print out a couple for people to sign in. All people who visit your site are to sign in on the registration form even if they registered online.

Are available on the day of the tour from 10am - 3pm to show people their renewable energy system.  Some hosts have people outside only, others invite people inside to see additional mechanicals or other green features. Outside or inside is at the discretion of each Host Site.

It is helpful to display information about your system and maybe production graphs on a computer or on posterboard.

Share your story about why you chose to install a renewable energy system.

Some sites get a lot of visitors and others only a few. If you are in a remote area and there is not a lot of local marketing about your site, you may not receive many visitors. We highly recommend that each host site reach out to their local newspaper or radio station to market your participation in the Illinois Solar Tour.  ISEA can provide press information for you to use.

You probably will want someone to help you in case it gets busy or for taking breaks.

When the tour is over, we ask that you scan and email the registration forms to us within a few days.

For any questions, contact Taylor at
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